The Last Mile Fulfilment Korea (LMFKorea) Conference & Exhibition is to date, Korea's only business platform bringing together retailers, eCommerce companies, and the fulfilment industry (warehouses, fulfilment centres, and last mile delivery companies).

It is specifically designed as a platform to foster deeper collaboration between industry players, to achieve 2 key objectives:

1. Improve in-market fulfilment capabilities for Korea's eCommerce market;
2. Establish cross-border eCommerce channels between Korea and South East Asia markets

The 2nd edition of LMFKorea is themed "Perfecting Omnichannel Fulfilment". The conference will feature over 30 regional speakers, who will share insights into the fulfilment ecosystem; address challenges and share the best practices and strategies in achieving seamless in-market and cross-border fulfilment in Korea.

The LMFKorea 2017 Conference will address current industry challenges and debate best practices in overcoming regional and in-market challenges.

Key learning points:

With omnichannel strategy prevalent amongst brands, how can they perfect their omnichannel fulfilment model?

Market-specific insights into Korea and South East Asia - Consumer consumption patterns; Fulfilment Strategies and Partnerships

Cross-Border Opportunities and Fulfilment Strategies

Innovative solutions in: Fleet & route planning; warehouse management, inventory tracking, packaging, system integrators and more¡¦

Spanning 1,000 sqm, the LMFKorea 2017 Exhibition will showcase products, solutions, and innovation from the entire fulfilment ecosystem - warehouse, inventory and fleet management solutions; fulfilment centres; system integrators and more. This is the definitive one-stop business marketplace for successful eCommerce market expansion in Korea and regionally.

The LMFKorea 2017 Conference and Exhibition is held alongside K Shop for synergistic purposes. K Shop is Korea's only B2B retail trade show and conference that brings together top retail players and brand owners under one roof.

With eCommerce becoming a crucial part of regional expansion channel to grow market reach for the retailers and brand owners, LMFKorea 2017 will fill the market gap with an unprecedented platform to address challenges that retailers face in e-payment; m-payment; warehousing; automation; cross-border fulfilment of orders and many more.

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