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    Getting into the Regional eCommerce Fulfilment Game

    Kicking off the 2nd edition of LMFKorea, we dive straight into discussions on key industry disruptions that businesses need to keep abreast of in order to maintain market competitiveness. This includes regional market outlook, and where South Korea stands in the midst of both consolidation and rapid expansion.

    10:00 AM

    Organiser¡¯s Welcome Address

    10:10 AM

    The eCommerce & Fulfilment Market Outlook 2017

    A Disruptive World: With Western and Eastern giants making their move on South-East Asia, what threats or opportunities does it hold for the region¡¯s eCommerce players? What is South Korea¡¯s role in the midst of this, and how can its players get in the game?

    10:40 AM

    Keynote: Changing the World of eCommerce Logistics through Digital Transformation

    Achieving process digitalisation from ordering to final delivery

    The importance of comprehensive and consistent monitoring, modelling and analytics

    Satisfying complex customer demands through differentiated services & advanced solutions

    Case Study: CJ Logistics¡¯ TES Platform – Technology, Engineering, System & Solution

    11:10 AM

    Small Commerce: Combining Online & Offline Channels and The Changing Role of Warehouses

    Understanding the changing shopping behaviours spurred on by SNS platforms

    Multichannel mobile commerce, combining online and offline sales channels

    Designing a fulfilment network that can support an omnichannel business

    11:40 AM

    Gaps in South-East Asian Markets & What Players are Investing In

    Recent forecasts say eCommerce revenues in South-East Asia are going to grow exponentially; investments are pouring into the region; and industry bellwethers are looking to the region for market expansion.

    Where are investments being channelled to, and how can Korea¡¯s industry players play an active role?

    Where¡¯s the money at? Which countries and which players are looking for expansion options?

    Gaps in South-East Asian capabilities and how Korean players can move in to plug those gaps

    12:10 PM

    Networking Lunch

    Cross-Border Gateways

    With Korea¡¯s eCommerce and retail market becoming increasingly saturated, Korean players are looking out of Asia to sell their products. Additionally, logistics players are looking at opportunities in closing inbound and outbound logistical gaps. Where are the opportunities and gaps?

    2:00 PM

    Bridging the Cambodia-Korea Gap through Reliable Partnerships

    Cambodia consumer trends and their demand for Korean products

    Reducing transit time of goods travelling into Cambodia at an even lower cost

    Customs and cross-border fulfilment made easy

    2:30 PM

    Connecting Korea to the Fastest-Growing Consumer Market: China

    Case Study: How has S.F. Express helped both established and new brands enter the China market?

    Understanding the aspects of China¡¯s increasing demand for high-quality imported goods

    How can SMEs partner a service platform to break into China with low investment costs?

    3:00 PM

    Spotlighting Lazada¡¯s Regional, South-East Asian Ecosystem

    What does Alibaba¡¯s acquisition mean for regional players?

    Leveraging a truly regional platform to gain access to all South-East Asian consumers

    How best to sell on Lazada? What are the top selling products/brands? And what are their success drivers?

    3:30 PM

    Afternoon Networking Break

    4.00 PM

    An Overview into Key South-East Asia Markets: Singapore, Indonesia, India and Thailand

    Unique characteristics of each of these consumer markets, and their eCommerce market

    No such thing as one-size-fits-all: Approaching fulfilment differently in each market

    Overcoming unique challenges like cash on delivery, urban traffic and more¡¦

    4.30 PM

    Vietnam-in-Focus: Navigating through Vietnam¡¯s Challenging Landscape

    Constantly behind-the-scenes, Vietnam¡¯s eCommerce and retail market has enjoyed a steady growth without much attention. With steady governmental commitments in building the nation¡¯s eCommerce capabilities, there are ample opportunities to leverage.

    Vietnam market insights: Understanding their population, mobile device penetration, and eCommerce market share

    Addressing customs, regulations, marketing channels, logistics and payment options

    How can brands and sellers leverage Sendo¡¯s platform-to-platform business model to access the Vietnamese consumer market?

    5.00 PM

    Asia-in-Focus: An Overview of the World¡¯s Largest but Most Fragmented Market

    Now that we have heard about each individual market and their unique features, let¡¯s discuss Asia market as a whole. This is the perfect time to ask these regional experts questions about the world¡¯s largest eCommerce market.

    Can Asia really be seen as a single market?

    Is there a one-size-fits-all strategy when tackling this market?

    How best to go about entering Asia?

    5.40 PM

    End of Conference Day 1

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    Establishing An Omnichannel Retail Business

    The prosperity of eCommerce platforms, m-Commerce and digital capabilities have call for brand owners and retailers to invest in both their online and offline sales channels to maximise revenue options. We will examine how some successful traditional players have stayed competitive through online channels & how they built an omnichannel retail business through integrated inventory management.

    10:00 AM

    Chairman¡¯s Opening Address

    10:10 AM

    Tackling India: An Entire Market of its Own

    In-market insights into India¡¯s fulfilment and last mile delivery landscape

    Unique market parameters that you need to know when entering India

    Market gaps and missing services needed

    10:40 AM

    Case Study: Transformation of a B2B Company to a B2C Company – An Operational Roadmap

    Operational and logistical considerations when switching your business model from B2B to include B2C channels

    Leveraging existing partners to drive your multi-channel, multi-country retail and eCommerce business

    Looking beyond Asia: Opportunities and challenges in accessing the Middle East, Latin America and South Africa consumer markets

    11:10 AM

    Transforming Your Cross-Border Delivery Strategy to Best Capture South-East Asia Business

    Different sales strategies for different platforms: Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10

    Overcoming customs issues across SEA

    Best practices when establishing a delivery network in different countries

    11:40 AM

    eCommerce Expansion and The Role of Technology in Taking it to New Levels

    Insights into revolutionary technologies: Demand sensing, virtual store, etc.

    The future of fulfilment centres: Vision picking, virtual warehouse, 3D measurement, loading optimisation

    Case Studies: Fulfilment optimisation in South-East Asia & Korea

    12:10 PM

    Networking Lunch

    Transforming Customers¡¯ Experiences & Operational Transformation

    With increasing competition and even more demanding consumers, how can you revamp your operations to keep up with fulfilment obligations, whilst keeping costs low? Along a delivery process, there are many possible points of failure, especially when they are multiple parties involved. Through the following sessions, we will examine how brands can ensure quality customer experiences across all sales channels.

    2:00 PM

    Developing a Fast and Reliable Distribution Network for Fresh Food eCommerce

    Case Study: Trends and challenges in kicking-off fresh food eCommerce

    Key consideration when delivering perishables to consumers

    Failed deliveries are not an option – Developing a distribution network that minimises wastage

    2:30 PM

    Winning the Asian Logistics Game: Both Locally & Regionally

    In an era of omnichannel commerce, it is critical to consider multi-channel operations, its respective demand trends, and individual customer demands across these channels. This presentation will showcase how technology can make omnichannel retailing easy.

    Navigating your fleet in Asian countries with complex urban structures, congested routes and high population density

    The importance of localisation and customisation of distribution strategies, and how to do it right

    Understanding the current needs of Asian cities today, and what the future opportunities are

    3:00 PM

    Taking the Stress Out of Cross-Border Online Shopping with On-Demand Delivery

    Insights into the significant growth in premium cross-border eCommerce volumes

    What does it take to be able to provide a range of flexible delivery options, with speed, reliability and constant notification of the customer every step of the way?

    Incorporating redirecting of address, putting shipments on hold and real-time update on delivery instructions into your offering

    3:30 PM

    Afternoon Networking Break

    Tech 3.0: The Future of eCommerce Delivery & Fulfilment

    The following sessions will combine a series of bold visions from technology companies on the latest tech innovations that can be applied to eCommerce, delivery, warehouse, and fulfilment businesses to drive down cost and drive up efficiencies.

    4.00 PM

    How IoT Technology can Revolutionise Fulfilment Industry

    Connecting scattered pieces of information on field

    How advanced is current IoT technology, and how would it change retail & eCommerce industry?

    What are the future IoT solutions to look out for?

    4.30 PM

    Building A Smart Fulfilment Centre or Warehouse with Automation Technologies

    The importance of automation in an environment where labour costs are rising, customers demand same-day delivery, and aesthetics matter

    Six sigma lean practices and how they can be applied to drive efficiencies in, and optimise warehouse operations

    Automatic picking and packing: How this fits into your entire warehouse process

    5.00 PM

    Establishing a Smart eCommerce SCM through Voice-Picking

    What is smart SCM and why do we need it?

    Applying voice recognition solutions in your fulfilment process – How will this be different?

    Case study : How voice recognition solution can increase productivity in your warehouse picking process

    5.30 PM

    End of Conference Day 2